Protocol Design

Dr Phillip Hallam-Baker is internationally respected as a leading designer of cryptographic security protocols. His design credits include playing a leading role in the design of HTTP Digest Authentication, XKMS and SAML and he has been involved at an early stage in the design of most Web Security and Web Services Security infrastructure including XML Signature, WS-Security and DKIM. He is currently co-chair of the IETF KEYPROV working group.

Dr Hallam-Baker has a proven track record of applying security technology to real world applications with designs that are efficient and concise yet powerful and extensible. His experience spans both public key, symmetric key and hybrid approaches.

Security Analysis

Cryptography is a tool, not a solution. Many failed security designs begin with a failure to understand the real security requirements of the problem. Security Analysis the process of uncovering the real security concerns raised and the business implications of potential solutions. As some early Web merchants discovered, perfect security is perfectly useless if nobody can buy your product. Contrawise, while it is impossible to do business without some risk, businesses that want to stay in business must carefully understand the risks they take.

The ART (Asset – Risk – Threat) methodology developed by Dr Hallam-Baker and employed by him in the design of XKMS and SAML provides a comprehensive and repeatable process for performing security analysis.

Expert Testimony

Patents: Active in the design of the World Wide Web since 1992, Dr Hallam-Baker has an encyclopedic knowledge of prior art relating to all aspects of Web design and architecture.

Security & Payments: When security fails, lawsuits follow. Dr Hallam Baker has over fifteen years experience of Web Security and Payment systems, including holding the Web payments portfolio at W3C during its formative period.