Phill's British Workshop

These are some non-work projects that I am working on at the moment.

Dalek Build

Ever since the Radio Times 10th aniversary edition came out with plans to 'build your own dalek' I have wanted to build a full size dalek prop. Now that I have a workshop and some spare time, that is what I am doing. This is a mostly authentic copy of the black 'Dalek Sec' hero prop using the materials and techniques used to build the original with occasional changes for practicality (e.g. a rubber plunger as plastic is a bit dangerous with kids).

This build is using the free plans available from Project Dalek and The Dalek Builder's Guild. Anyone considering building a dalek or CGI model should definitely join one or both of of these forums.

Build starts April 8th 2009.

MGB Restoration

Next in the queue is the contionued restoration of my 1977 MGB Convertible. I took out the interior and have been restoring it bit by bit. Next up, it requires a new wiring harness and some floor panels. Other US based MGB owners should check out the MGB Experience Web forum.

Photos to follow.

Restoring Antique Windows

We live in a Victorian house with large antique windows, some of the largest ever made before the modern float glass process was introduced. For the past couple of years I have been restoring the large bay in the library.

Photos to follow.